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Bill’s sister Sue joined the FHS team as Jewelry buyer in late 2010.  She has helped refine the FHS brand with her exquisite taste and detailed business acumen.

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Ultimately it’s a family business. 

What started out as a small American craft gallery fourteen years ago has now become New Jersey’s premier independent gift and home furnishings destination.

Ed Menapace did not start out as a retailer.  His education and first career was in ballet.  In 2007 Ed opened the first Farmhouse Store in a tiny storefront in Westfield, NJ.  It did not take long for word to get out that FHS was doing something completely new in retail by combining affordable and unusual American craft with a nod toward country design.

Three years later Farmhouse Store Westfield

moved to a much larger location and began 

keeping company with major, higher-end, national chains.  The store expanded into home furnishings featuring handmade, reclaimed

barn wood furniture, American-made upholstery, rugs, lighting and so much more while maintaining the original Farmhouse Store aesthetic.

After three years of helping out on weekends and vacations, Ed’s husband, Bill Curtis, left his corporate job as an officer in the legal department of the “Very Safe Insurance Company” and came on board with FHS full-time.  Together Bill and Ed have shaped The Farmhouse Store into a completely unique brand.